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Anonymous asked: OMG your river song is spot on! You captured the essence perfectly esp the crooked smile and intense eyes :) before I saw the tags I was like WOAH so please don't be so hard on yourself! Have fun and watch out for stone angels ;)

aww thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked: Oh nonsense. You look beautiful. :)

thank you :) (its just one of those days… and easter hasnt helped :/)

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Anonymous asked: Fuck, marry, kill: Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor

ooo that ones tricksy

Fuck: Ten (because just look at his damn face)

Marry: Eleven (it would be like spending the rest of your life with an overgrown puppy!)

Kill: Nine (but not really, i love nine too)

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Unofficial Comic Con Afterparty | Facebook


Are you coming to London Comic Con this May? Do you want to carry on the weekend with Sci-Fi themed cocktails and all night dancing? (of course you do!)

Well then you’re in luck!

The Boleyn Pub is hosting an ‘Unofficial’ Comic Con Party for all those who want to party on into the night, with free entry, cheap drinks and deals on a wide variety of shots and cocktails.
Cosplay is of course encouraged!

*Strictly Over 18’s*

(there is also a hostel upstairs for anyone looking for rooms)

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